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Things to Do When You are in Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha

When it comes to National Parks in India, there can be no denying that you can literally get spoiled for choices as far as deciding where to go is concerned. Each Park has its specialty, and you will undoubtedly return as a content soul regardless of which one you pick. One of the best bets would be the Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha, which offers a little bit of everything. There are certain things which you will have to ensure that you do to think of the trip a grand success. With that in mind, here are the things that you should do when visiting the Bhitarkanika National Park.

Activities You Must Partake in When in Bhitarkanika National Park

  • Bird-watching

When you visit a national park in India, it is imperative that you engage in some bird-watching, even if you are not an enthusiast. Birds are, of course, inhabitants of every forest in India, and the variety of species is only matched better by the variety of colours and sounds. You will simply be mesmerised at what nature has to offer and will want to visit more and more national parks to increase the number of experiences that you have.

  • Take a Boat-ride

Another thing that you have to make sure that you do when you visit Bhitarkanika National Park is taking a boat-ride either from Khola to Dangmal or vice versa. Khola acts as the gateway to the national park so you can choose to take your ride on a boat either when you enter the park or on your way back. Either way, you will be left speechless at the biodiversity that you will be taken through.

  • Spot a Spotting Tower

The thing that needs to be understood is that what is the Bhitarkanika National Park now, used to be the hunting grounds for the erstwhile King of Kanika. This king used to go out on hunting trips and there are spotting towers spread throughout the forest. You can spot a few of these during your visit, and keep count of how many you saw.

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As long as you remember to do these things, you can be happy knowing that your trip to the Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha was a grand success. If you somehow manage to miss one thing or another, you can always choose to go back for a fresh attempt.

Wild Life Tourism in India

Key Reasons for You to Consider Going on Wildlife Tourism in India

If there ever was a thing that is the desire for an overwhelming majority of the Indian population, it is to go on a tour to some of the innumerable National Parks in India. The first thing that you will realise when you sit down to decide which park you want to visit is that you are pleasantly spoiled for choices. One thing is for certain though; a bout of wildlife tourism in India will recharge your soul as very few other things can, and you will thank yourself for making this life-changing decision. There are quite a few benefits of visiting one or even a few of the Nationals Parks that the country has to offer. These benefits have been discussed below.

National Park in Odisha

Why You Should Choose to Go on Wildlife Tourism in India

  • Paradise for Bird-lovers

One thing that you can be sure of when you visit a National Park in India; regardless of whether you are lucky enough to see any animals, you are most certainly going to come across a lot of birds. This can be very rewarding for you if you are an avian-enthusiast, as you will find yourself to be pleasantly lost in the vibrancy of colours and sounds that the plethora of the different types of birds make in a forest.

  • Heaven for Photographers

Nowadays, with the advent of camera phones, everyone thinks of themselves as photographers and rightly so! When you have a device with which you can capture the sights of a place, why shouldn’t you use it? Wildlife tourism in India offers a lot of opportunity for both professional and amateur photographers to click a host of beautiful photos to look at them later on and reminisce about the wonderful experience.

  • Catching Glimpses of the Big Five

The ‘Big Five’ of India refers to the Bengal tiger, Asiatic lion, Indian Leopard, Indian elephant and greater one-horned rhinoceros. While you might not have the chance to see all these animals on a single tour, you can take it upon yourself to tick off the boxes one by one by going on several tours to different forests in India.  All in all, you can count yourself extremely lucky to see any of these animals, especially the big cats as they tend to be stealthy for the most part. Elephants and rhinoceroses are a bit easier to spot but still, you will need luck on your side.

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Now that you know the reasons to go on a wildlife tour in India, what are you waiting for? Book a tour today and lose yourself to nature.

Wild Life Tourism in India

Addressing the Common Myths Related to Wildlife Tourism in India

Among the things that are favourites for almost all of the Indian population is going on a tour to a wildlife haven. There are plenty of amazing National Parks and Reserve Forests in the country, the Bhitarkanika National Park, the Kanha Tiger Reserve and the Nagarhole National Park are names that immediately come to mind. There are certain myths about wildlife tourism in India that are in dire need of being addressed, simply to set everything into perspective for one and all. Discussed below are these myths, so read on to get a better idea.

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These are the Commonly Heard of Myths about Wildlife Tourism in India

  • The Living Area Should be Close to the Forest

One of the things that everyone seeks is to make sure that the place where they are staying needs to be as close to the National Park as possible. This does not need to be the case, because, even if you are living at a distance of 5-10 km from the park, you will be taken from your lodging place to the Park on a vehicle and given the secluded roads, it is not going to take too long anyway. This is why it really should not matter how far away from a National Park you are staying in.

  • Prime Objective is to See a Big Cat

For those who are unaware of the term, big cats refer to the 5 species of bigger felines, viz. tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard, and snow leopard. Of these 5, India is home to 4, barring only the jaguar. Many people think that the point of their going on wildlife tourism in India is to see a big cat. This is a wrong approach; as it leaves you exposed to the opportunity of coming home rather disappointed. It is much better to just appreciate the sights, sounds and above all else, the atmosphere. Seeing a big cat or two should be considered as an added benefit.

  • Taking Pictures is Mandatory

The thing that needs to be understood is that you take photos to reminisce while looking at them later on. Rather than taking photos, you should instead focus on seeping in the surrounding atmosphere. When you focus your attention to your viewfinder, you end up missing out on the more important things. Be completely present in the moment for the best experience.

There you have it! Now that you are better aware of how to go about things while on a wildlife tour, you are certainly going to have a memorable experience while you are at it.

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6 Cool Tips to Follow During Your Eco Tourism Holidays In India

Willing to experience a warm and fuzzy feeling during your holidays, undertake an eco-tourism trip and create some memories which you can cherish for years to come. Mingle with the local people and know more about the culture of your destination. If you want to ensure that your eco-tourism tour is adventurous for you and positive for the local people, make sure that you are a responsible traveller by following the tips stated below. Applying the primary principles of ecotourism will help in stimulating the financial growth of developing nations and make the global economy stronger.

Eco tourism holidays in India

Interested In Eco Tourism Holidays In India? Few Tips for You to Follow

  • Save Energy

It is the complete responsibility of the traveller to ensure that all the electrical appliances in their hotel room have been switched off before they leave. You can also stop the housekeeping staff from cleaning your rooms daily by hanging a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign outside the door.

  • Pack Wisely

Two vital reasons why packing light is advisable is that you can save money used as baggage fees and increase the fuel-efficiency of the plane in which the goods are being transported. Include dresses which you can wash in the sink and dry quickly. This will let you use them many times during the trip.

  • Save Water

Turning off the faucet while you are shaving or brushing your teeth and taking shorter showers means you are being responsible enough during your ecotourism holidays. Use the towels atleast for a few days before you wash them and take clothes in darker shades where dirt won’t be easily visible.

  • Reduce/ Recycle/ Reuse

Pack a BPA-free water bottle in your luggage and refill them. As far as the sink and shower are concerned, you can use just one soap bar for both. If you are using a brochure or map during your Bhitarkanika trip, return those after you have finished using them. Store the trash till the time you find a suitable place to recycle them.

  • Leave Only Footprints

If you are visiting a forest during your Eco tourism holidays in India, following the marked trails is always advisable. This not only helps in preventing any sort of damage to the natural flora but you can also pick the trash seen along the route and put them in a bag. When you leave only footprints in a tourist destination, it helps a great deal in preserving the beauty of the outdoors.

  • Buy Local

Though you can choose from a wide variety of things to buy in an ecotourism spot, buying local items crafted by indigenous artisans is advisable. Some of them might even be happy to share information about their craft with you. The profit they make also stays within their village.

Follow the tips stated above and become a responsible traveller during your eco-tourism holidays. This will not only help in conserving the local culture but also keeps the biological diversity intact.

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4 Unique Places To Include In Your Odisha Tour Package

Though Odisha or Orissa is regarded as one of the least-visited states in India, the place has indeed a lot to offer. This ‘off – the – beaten – track’ location is primarily a rural area and is highly recommended if you are willing to spend a few days in solitude, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The numerous wildlife, national parks, temples, tribal culture and unpolluted beaches will help you create some memories which you can cherish for the rest of your life. Whether you are an avid traveller or visiting Odisha for the first time, try to cover all the places stated below.

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Planning A Trip To Odisha In India? Few Places You Can Include In Your Trip Itinerary

  • Barbil

    If wildlife tourism in India interests you, a trip to Barbil is a must. Located on the bank of river Karo in Keonjar, this place is miles away from the maddening city crowd. Though it is surrounded by some of the most luxuriant forests, Barbil is still a not-so-popular tourist spot in Odisha. It offers the tourist some breathtaking glimpses of wildlife beauty. Few of the places you can visit in Barbil are Murga Mahadev Waterfalls, Gonasika, Hawa Mahal, Uliburu Reserved Forest and Thakurani Hills, among others.

  • Chilika Lake

    Chilika Lake is not just the largest brackish water lagoon but provides you with the golden opportunity to spend some quality time amidst nature. The place is booming with wildlife, especially migratory birds, fishes and dolphins. If you are one of those environment-conscious tourists, opting for a birdwatching cruise or camping trip is highly recommended. You can also book a boat and explore the numerous small islands situated in the lake. If you are travelling from Bhubaneswar, it will take around 2 hours to reach.

  • Bhitarkanika National Park

    Bhitarkanika National Park is located in the Kendrapara district of Odisha and is the home to the famous Saltwater crocodile. This National park in Odisha offers you a clear view of the rich and lush green eco-system. You can take a boat ride from Dangmal to Khola. The latter is basically the gateway to the park. Its historical and cultural past has attracted numerous tourists in the last few years.

  • Konark Sun Temple

    Even if you are not a religious person, a visit to the Konark Sun Temple will let you explore the historical beauty of this 13th century temple. Its name has been derived from two Sanskrit terms, Kona meaning angle and Arka meaning Sun. It looks like a 100-foot high chariot with big horses and wheels made from stones. In 1984, it was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Though it got destructed between 15th and 17th century, it included all the traditional elements of a Hindu temple. It follows the traditional Kalinga Architecture style.

Since you are now aware of the famous places to visit in Odisha, just choose one and book an accommodation.

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