Eco tourism holidays in India
Eco tourism holidays, Eco tourism holidays in india

Planning Eco Tourism Holidays in India? 5 Destinations To Choose From

If you are willing to soak the beauty of our diversified nature, an eco-tourism holiday is exactly what you need. India has over the decades projected itself as a popular eco-tourism hub booming with unique flora and fauna. Since there are numerous destinations for you to choose from in India, opt for something popular which suits your budget.

You can soak the beauty offered by India’s natural panorama without punching a hole in your pocket. If you are undertaking the holiday for the very first time, enhancing your knowledge about the various places will help you choose the best ecotourism destination.

Top Destinations For Eco Tourism Holidays in India

Eco tourism holidays in India

• Kerala Backwaters

The charm offered by the backwaters of Kerala is second to none as they are situated amidst lush green palm grooves and wide paddy fields. As the rivers flow from the coast to the Western Ghat, the rhythm created by the water feels quite gentle to one’s ear. If you are willing to enjoy some breathtaking views of the deep blue water and lush green fields, opt for a frolic cruise on the backwaters. You can even catch a glimpse of those traditional houseboats and cargo boats.

• Munnar

Munnar in Kerala offers the perfect blend of tea orchards, forests and grasslands. Situated at an elevation of 1700 meters, it is one of the most preferred locations for eco-travellers. The beautiful hill town in Idukki district though being quite small has many protected areas where endemic and threatened species of fauna and flora are preserved. If you want to enjoy the purple-blue hue patches over the lush green bed, plan your tour during for the spring or summer season.

• Thodupuzha

Though being quite beautiful, Thodupuzha in Kerala is not yet a famous ecotourism destination in India. It is the gateway to the Thommankuthu waterfalls situated in the Idukki district. The seven-step waterfall is indeed a treat for the eyes with pleasant surroundings. The evergreen forest looks like a blanket covering the rolling hills and the perfect frame for your eco-tourism holidays.

• Bhitarkanika National Park

If you are willing to undertake Eco tourism holidays in India with a limited budget, simply opt for Bhitarkanika National Park and create some memories which you can cherish forever. The lavish mangrove ecosystem is quite beautiful to look at and enhances the eco-tourism vibes of the national park. It is also the largest breeding area for Olive Ridley Turtles. There are also numerous affordable accommodations for you to choose from.

• Coorg

The popularity of Coorg is gradually enhancing. It is the home of the Kodava tribe and abundant plant and animal species. In short, it is a place of complete bliss hosting numerous spice and coffee plantations. It includes one national park and three wildlife sanctuaries. The gushing river and waterfalls enhance the beauty of this eco-tourism spot even further. Soak its scenic beauty and engage in leisure activities like hiking, trekking, angling or boating.

Choose from any of the eco-tourism destinations stated above and make your holidays in India memorable.

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6 Cool Tips to Follow During Your Eco Tourism Holidays In India

Willing to experience a warm and fuzzy feeling during your holidays, undertake an eco-tourism trip and create some memories which you can cherish for years to come. Mingle with the local people and know more about the culture of your destination. If you want to ensure that your eco-tourism tour is adventurous for you and positive for the local people, make sure that you are a responsible traveller by following the tips stated below. Applying the primary principles of ecotourism will help in stimulating the financial growth of developing nations and make the global economy stronger.

Eco tourism holidays in India

Interested In Eco Tourism Holidays In India? Few Tips for You to Follow

  • Save Energy

It is the complete responsibility of the traveller to ensure that all the electrical appliances in their hotel room have been switched off before they leave. You can also stop the housekeeping staff from cleaning your rooms daily by hanging a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign outside the door.

  • Pack Wisely

Two vital reasons why packing light is advisable is that you can save money used as baggage fees and increase the fuel-efficiency of the plane in which the goods are being transported. Include dresses which you can wash in the sink and dry quickly. This will let you use them many times during the trip.

  • Save Water

Turning off the faucet while you are shaving or brushing your teeth and taking shorter showers means you are being responsible enough during your ecotourism holidays. Use the towels atleast for a few days before you wash them and take clothes in darker shades where dirt won’t be easily visible.

  • Reduce/ Recycle/ Reuse

Pack a BPA-free water bottle in your luggage and refill them. As far as the sink and shower are concerned, you can use just one soap bar for both. If you are using a brochure or map during your Bhitarkanika trip, return those after you have finished using them. Store the trash till the time you find a suitable place to recycle them.

  • Leave Only Footprints

If you are visiting a forest during your Eco tourism holidays in India, following the marked trails is always advisable. This not only helps in preventing any sort of damage to the natural flora but you can also pick the trash seen along the route and put them in a bag. When you leave only footprints in a tourist destination, it helps a great deal in preserving the beauty of the outdoors.

  • Buy Local

Though you can choose from a wide variety of things to buy in an ecotourism spot, buying local items crafted by indigenous artisans is advisable. Some of them might even be happy to share information about their craft with you. The profit they make also stays within their village.

Follow the tips stated above and become a responsible traveller during your eco-tourism holidays. This will not only help in conserving the local culture but also keeps the biological diversity intact.