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Things to Do When You are in Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha

When it comes to National Parks in India, there can be no denying that you can literally get spoiled for choices as far as deciding where to go is concerned. Each Park has its specialty, and you will undoubtedly return as a content soul regardless of which one you pick. One of the best bets would be the Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha, which offers a little bit of everything. There are certain things which you will have to ensure that you do to think of the trip a grand success. With that in mind, here are the things that you should do when visiting the Bhitarkanika National Park.

Activities You Must Partake in When in Bhitarkanika National Park

  • Bird-watching

When you visit a national park in India, it is imperative that you engage in some bird-watching, even if you are not an enthusiast. Birds are, of course, inhabitants of every forest in India, and the variety of species is only matched better by the variety of colours and sounds. You will simply be mesmerised at what nature has to offer and will want to visit more and more national parks to increase the number of experiences that you have.

  • Take a Boat-ride

Another thing that you have to make sure that you do when you visit Bhitarkanika National Park is taking a boat-ride either from Khola to Dangmal or vice versa. Khola acts as the gateway to the national park so you can choose to take your ride on a boat either when you enter the park or on your way back. Either way, you will be left speechless at the biodiversity that you will be taken through.

  • Spot a Spotting Tower

The thing that needs to be understood is that what is the Bhitarkanika National Park now, used to be the hunting grounds for the erstwhile King of Kanika. This king used to go out on hunting trips and there are spotting towers spread throughout the forest. You can spot a few of these during your visit, and keep count of how many you saw.

National park in Odisha

As long as you remember to do these things, you can be happy knowing that your trip to the Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha was a grand success. If you somehow manage to miss one thing or another, you can always choose to go back for a fresh attempt.

Wild Life Tourism in India

Key Reasons for You to Consider Going on Wildlife Tourism in India

If there ever was a thing that is the desire for an overwhelming majority of the Indian population, it is to go on a tour to some of the innumerable National Parks in India. The first thing that you will realise when you sit down to decide which park you want to visit is that you are pleasantly spoiled for choices. One thing is for certain though; a bout of wildlife tourism in India will recharge your soul as very few other things can, and you will thank yourself for making this life-changing decision. There are quite a few benefits of visiting one or even a few of the Nationals Parks that the country has to offer. These benefits have been discussed below.

National Park in Odisha

Why You Should Choose to Go on Wildlife Tourism in India

  • Paradise for Bird-lovers

One thing that you can be sure of when you visit a National Park in India; regardless of whether you are lucky enough to see any animals, you are most certainly going to come across a lot of birds. This can be very rewarding for you if you are an avian-enthusiast, as you will find yourself to be pleasantly lost in the vibrancy of colours and sounds that the plethora of the different types of birds make in a forest.

  • Heaven for Photographers

Nowadays, with the advent of camera phones, everyone thinks of themselves as photographers and rightly so! When you have a device with which you can capture the sights of a place, why shouldn’t you use it? Wildlife tourism in India offers a lot of opportunity for both professional and amateur photographers to click a host of beautiful photos to look at them later on and reminisce about the wonderful experience.

  • Catching Glimpses of the Big Five

The ‘Big Five’ of India refers to the Bengal tiger, Asiatic lion, Indian Leopard, Indian elephant and greater one-horned rhinoceros. While you might not have the chance to see all these animals on a single tour, you can take it upon yourself to tick off the boxes one by one by going on several tours to different forests in India.  All in all, you can count yourself extremely lucky to see any of these animals, especially the big cats as they tend to be stealthy for the most part. Elephants and rhinoceroses are a bit easier to spot but still, you will need luck on your side.

Wildlife tourism in india

Now that you know the reasons to go on a wildlife tour in India, what are you waiting for? Book a tour today and lose yourself to nature.

Odisha Tour Packages

Top 5 Reasons Why People In India Love National Parks

Not everyone visiting India is aware of the fact that the national parks scattered all over the country attract hundreds of tourists every year. In fact, these national parks have received a record-breaking number of visitors in the last few years. More and more people are expressing the desire to explore the wilderness as they provide spiritual inspiration and are full of mysteries. It is not only about embarking outdoor adventures but there are multiple reasons why people love national parks.

National park in Odisha

Planning To Visit A National Park In Odisha? Few Reasons You Should Do It Right Now

  • Enjoy Scenic Beauty

A national park is not only about the forest but also include spectacular coastal waters, vast lakes and scenic rivers. If you have scheduled your trip during the summer months, relax on the beaches surrounded by trees and beat the summer heat easily. You can also take a plunge into the deepest lake but seek the necessary permission from the forest officials.

  • Test Your Physical Limits

If you are one of the adventure lovers planning a trip to Odisha, spend a weekend in Bhitarkanika National Park and get to test your physical limits. Not only can you enjoy the mesmerising beauty of wilderness and nature but there are ample opportunities for camping and hiking as well. Though some of the forest walks are quite tricky, they are not technically difficult. If you are visiting one of the physically challenging national parks, avoid the scorching hot sun.

  • Ideal For Winter Season

Though the beauty of national parks remains intact throughout the year, a majority of the wildlife lovers plan their trip for the winter months. You will be surprised to know that visiting a national park during the colder weather will offer you an entirely unique experience. The forest trails are less crowded and calm. You will get to see a completely new side of nature’s splendour.

  • Enjoy Biking

The Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha is one of the few national parks in India which you can explore by cycling. If you don’t want to walk, just rent a bike and travel to places where a car can’t reach. The wildlife and inspiring views are something which every biker relishes. Riding your bike on a woodsy trial is a lot more memorable than travelling on concrete streets. You don’t have to look at the old views of cars, roads and people.

  • Skygazing

Air pollution and city lights are two primary reasons why people have lost the opportunity to see the beautiful stars at night. If you are willing to enjoy the awe-striking experience of stargazing, plan a trip to some famous national park and get to see the beauty of the natural nightscape. Some of them have the least light pollution and are considered as outstanding places for stargazing. If luck favours, you can also see a lunar eclipse or a meteor shower.

Bhitarkanika National Park Odisha

Since there are so many reasons why people love national parks, it’s time you book a resort in a famous national park and start your trip.

Wild Life Tourism in India

Addressing the Common Myths Related to Wildlife Tourism in India

Among the things that are favourites for almost all of the Indian population is going on a tour to a wildlife haven. There are plenty of amazing National Parks and Reserve Forests in the country, the Bhitarkanika National Park, the Kanha Tiger Reserve and the Nagarhole National Park are names that immediately come to mind. There are certain myths about wildlife tourism in India that are in dire need of being addressed, simply to set everything into perspective for one and all. Discussed below are these myths, so read on to get a better idea.

wild life tourism in India

These are the Commonly Heard of Myths about Wildlife Tourism in India

  • The Living Area Should be Close to the Forest

One of the things that everyone seeks is to make sure that the place where they are staying needs to be as close to the National Park as possible. This does not need to be the case, because, even if you are living at a distance of 5-10 km from the park, you will be taken from your lodging place to the Park on a vehicle and given the secluded roads, it is not going to take too long anyway. This is why it really should not matter how far away from a National Park you are staying in.

  • Prime Objective is to See a Big Cat

For those who are unaware of the term, big cats refer to the 5 species of bigger felines, viz. tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard, and snow leopard. Of these 5, India is home to 4, barring only the jaguar. Many people think that the point of their going on wildlife tourism in India is to see a big cat. This is a wrong approach; as it leaves you exposed to the opportunity of coming home rather disappointed. It is much better to just appreciate the sights, sounds and above all else, the atmosphere. Seeing a big cat or two should be considered as an added benefit.

  • Taking Pictures is Mandatory

The thing that needs to be understood is that you take photos to reminisce while looking at them later on. Rather than taking photos, you should instead focus on seeping in the surrounding atmosphere. When you focus your attention to your viewfinder, you end up missing out on the more important things. Be completely present in the moment for the best experience.

There you have it! Now that you are better aware of how to go about things while on a wildlife tour, you are certainly going to have a memorable experience while you are at it.

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Plan a Trip to Bhitarkanika National Park and Witness Unique Wildlife

Though there are numerous national parks scattered all over India for wildlife lovers to choose from, visiting the Bhitarkanika National Park atleast once in your life is a must. The unique vegetation of the mangrove wetlands will help you craft some memories which you can cherish for years to come.

Bhitarkanika National Park

Numerous creeks crisscross the mangrove styled forests which enhances the beauty of the place even further. Almost every wildlife lover visiting the national park will agree to the fact that the environment of the place has made them fall in love with it. But before you plan a trip to this famous place, enhancing your knowledge about the national park is a must.

Popularity of the Bhitarkanika National Park

One of the primary reasons why this national park is quite popular is because everyone visiting this place can witness the beauty of a wide variety of migratory birds which visit the park almost throughout the year. In fact, this national park is one of the few places where you get to see turtles and crocodiles. The feeling of wildness offered by this national park is truly mesmerising and this is why wildlife lovers prefer visiting this forest repeatedly. The park is considered to be the habitat of the endangered crocodiles living in salt water.

About The Wildlife Sanctuary

You will be surprised to know that the Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha is considered to be one of the impressive national parks in Asia because of the thick vegetation growth in the wildlife sanctuary. You will get to see the widest variety of fauna and salt tolerant species of trees generally seen in sub-tropical climate. The rich green ecosystem enhances the unique quotient of this national park even further. Just pay a visit to this wildlife sanctuary and witness almost 215 species of birds comprising of migratory birds from Europe and Central Asia.

Easily Accessible

Unlike the national parks situated in the remote corners of the world, reaching the Bhitarkanika National Park is quite easy as Odisha is well-connected with various parts of India. You can choose from various modes of transport to enter this national park. It is just 160 kilometers away from Bhubaneswar and quite close to Bhadrak. You can also avail direct transportation from the Bhubaneswar Airport to this national park. There are also numerous accommodations in this place for you to choose from according to your budget and travel needs.

Flora and Fauna

The flora and fauna in this national park have made it one of the few places recognised by the UNESCO. Few common animals you can expect during your visit are wild cats, deer, jackals and tigers. The wide variety of migratory winged guests has enhanced the bird species even further. There are also numerous tour guides to help you with Bhitarkanika tourism.

Since the Bhitarkanika National Park has so much to offer every wildlife lover, it’s time you book a suitable accommodation and start your trip.


Make This Winter Memorable By Visiting the National Parks in India

Not everyone planning to visit the national parks in India is aware of the fact that there are almost 200 wildlife sanctuaries scattered all over the country, making it a biodiversity hotspot. A vital reason why a majority of wildlife enthusiastic prefer visiting these national parks during winter is because they can make the most out of the surroundings. If luck favours, you might even catch a glimpse of the migratory birds decorating the sky canvas and wild animals getting out of their secret shelters to soak the rays of the winter sun.

National Park in Odisha

Get a Visual Treat by Visiting These 4 National Parks in India This Winter

  • Jim Corbett National Park

This national park in Uttarakhand is considered to be the oldest national park in our country which attracts hundreds of animal lovers every year. The different degrees of slopes, small streams and several ridges enhance the beauty of the place even further during the winter months. There are almost 586 migratory bird species and 488 plants species. Animals like samba deer, Bengal tiger and leopards walk through the region during winter as the temperature is quite moderate.

  • Bandhavgarh National Park

Located in Madhya Pradesh, this national park features quite a large biodiversity with the Bengal Tiger being one of its main attractions. You will be surprised to know that the highest known density of tiger population has been spotted in this park. Since the summer heat of Madhya Pradesh is quite scorching, it is advisable to visit the Bandhavgarh National Park during winter when the weather is quite pleasant and calm. You might even catch a glimpse of the wild animals venturing out to enjoy the winter sun.

  • Bhitarkanika National Park

Though this famous National park in Odisha attracts tourists throughout the year, winter is considered to be the best time for birding. Every year hundreds of winter migratory birds arrive in this national park to protect themselves from the harsh winter in Afghanistan, Iraq, Siberia, central European countries and northern Asia. They spend almost three to four months in Bhitarkanika before starting their homeward journey.

  • Kaziranga National Park

The popularity of the Kaziranga National Park in Assam increased drastically after it was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Not only it is famous for the Great one-horned rhinoceros population but is also considered to be the home of the largest populations of wild boars, deer, elephants and tigers. Winter is considered to be the best time to visit this national park in Assam as the mildly blowing cold winds is liked by almost every travel enthusiastic.

Since you are now aware of the famous national parks in India you can visit this winter, it’s time you choose one and start packing your bags.

Eco tourism holidays, Eco tourism holidays in india

Enjoy Your Eco-Tourism Holidays in India with a Limited Budget

If you are one of those avid travellers, you must definitely be aware of the fact that the popularity of eco – tourism holidays is gradually enhancing in India. For someone not aware of the term yet, it is a type of sustainable tourism whose focus is primarily on maintaining the cultural and natural environment of a tourist destination while you are interacting with them.

Eco Tourism Holidays in India If you have not started planning your eco – tourism holidays yet just because you think that being a part of sustainable tourism means a lot of hard work and your holidays will become more expensive, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Hundreds of tourists are successfully executing their eco – tourism holidays every year even with a limited budget.

3 Tips to Enjoy Eco – Tourism Holidays Even With a Limited Budget

  • Choose a Place Which Suits Your Budget

Though there are numerous famous tourist destinations you can choose from for your eco – tourism holiday, considering your budget when finalising one is a must. If you are planning a tour where you can enjoy a fascinating village walk with excellent birding and crocodile sighting, the Bhitarkanika National Park is the ideal place for you to be. There is a wide range of accommodations for you to choose from. This means if booking a flight ticket has punched a hole in your pocket, you can save money on your accommodation by booking an affordable resort.

  • Pack Only Necessary Items

If you are planning to pack your entire wardrobe for your weekend trip to an eco-tourism spot, simply don’t do that. Packing light is a must if you are willing to make the most out of your eco – tourism holidays in India. There are high chances that you will end up wearing just one or two outfits during the trip as you will be busy soaking the scenic beauty of the place. Go for wildlife sightseeing and eco – tours instead of wasting your time to dress up in your favourite attire.

  • Avail Public Transport

The easiest way to save a few bucks during your eco-tourism holidays is by availing public transportation when possible. The public modes of transportation in a majority of the tourist destinations are quite convenient and clean. Using them to reach the places of tourist interest will not only help you save a few bucks but will also be beneficial for the environment. Though you can rent a car or taxi as well, they won’t be a cost – effective option.

These being said, it’s time you follow the cool tips stated above and enjoying your eco-tourism holidays even with a limited budget will definitely become easier for you.